Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Corporations are illegal: irresponsible gang-might-makes-right scams.

The full title is "Legal Fiction of the Corporate Person" - it's idolatry, where they pretend groups of individual persons are single people. In reality, it gives everyone in the "corporate" person a shield of fraud (obviously, a "legal fiction" is still really only an illegal LIE, no matter what they say it is) to hide behind; it basically only embodies the notion that:

"I didn't do it - ONLY The GROUP did it! Whee!"

It "legalizes" the false notion that people can have rights without responsibilities, just  like all criminals want - the right to your stuff, without the responsibility for having to pay for or otherwise earn it. It legalizes theft through fraud. Lying is the most basic form of theft: it's the (at least, attempted) theft of the Truth. Since all crimes are forms of theft (non or pre-consensual transfer of property; aka attacking first) lying ("fraud") is a crime.

That's also why so many corporations have 'LLC' after their names - it stands for "Limited Liability Corporation" (aka limited responsibility)! It means the might-makes-right force of the false "law" enables them to have the right to injure people without being held "legally" responsible for it.

Do you want proof?

The only reason you can't - yet - get away with murder on your private property, is that you probably still define your self as a real, live, individual human person, and not as the other kind of "person" (aka as the "Legal Fiction of the Corporate Person") which, by choosing to put on the magical tautological and legalistic Ring of Power (by simply declaring yourself to be a "Corporation") you will gain the legally magical ability to become invisible to all real human laws, and so to discorporate your self from common sense and all real human culpability, see?


(This article is from 2007, the crimes occurred in 2001, and the families LOST the lawsuit, when the courts declared the corp. was legally allowed to "dilute" the culpability of the murderers by the number of their murdered victims;) - in other words, "Each employee was only responsible for less than a whole murder, so no crimes occurred at all! Whee!"

Besides, you can't jail a "corporation."


In fact, ALL corporations start as pre-meditated conspiracies in this way:

Imagine if you or I went before a judge, and asked him:

"Your honor, I want the right to take risks with other people's lives and other properties, for gains which will only accrue to my self!"

He'd probably tell us to get lost (at minimum) and maybe even charge us with conspiring in advance to commit fraud and other crimes, like blatant extortion.

But the second we join together into a group or GANG, and say "Your honor, WE want to do this!" he automatically rubber stamps our criminally negligent conspiracy, as a  "corporate, legal" fiction!



And, (even worse!):

Greedy corporations bribed legislators to make "corporate law" for them selves which forces them to think shallowly and ironically denies them the right to make sacrifices now to plan for the future! They MUST buy lowest (from their 3rd world slave-pens) and sell highest; so they can't invest in local industries with higher labor costs by making sacrifices now, even if they wanted to!

Their own foolish laws would put them in jail for using common sense to plan ahead!

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