Friday, March 24, 2017

Criminal's Creed, the Movie

I just saw the "Assassins' Creed" movie last night, and it sums up evil pretending to be good:

1) There is no truth!
2) Everything is allowed!
3) We hide in darkness to serve the Light!

I think those video games and movie are designed to indoctrinate our kids into becoming leftists "and" muslims (same thing/s; i.e: criminals)!

But what "light" could they serve, when it's not the Truth, and everything including lying, is allowed?! Lucifer's?!

Because those three statements embrace the islamic creed itself, and also the libertine "liberal" criminal's brazen rule of chaos!

In reality, civilized people rely on and agree to be bound to the Golden Rule of Law, which most simply defines morality as "Do Not Attack First!" and therefore all is in fact forbidden, unless and until very specifically agreed to, between people!

So we can do nothing either TO, or FOR, each other, without first asking permission.

And so our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only corollary, concomitant responsibility, is to not attack (thereby innocent) other people first!

Agreeing to the principle of this Rule gets us trust, economic progress, and civilizations, and countries of Makers.

The brazen rule of criminal chaos, on the other hand, is that one can always attack first (everything is allowed, unless and until very specifically denied)! So we get cases where people say "Sure, I took your stuff, but you didn't post any signs saying I couldn't take it, especially not on a Tuesday from between 10:13 AM and 2:47 PM!" And of course Muhammad used this to assert that, if he got away with committing his crimes (and he tried them all, many times, and instead of showing contrition, told others how much fun it was, for instance, to rape children, and urged them to join in the fun!) then "god" had always wanted him to commit them, and since god had sanctioned his crimes, then they were never really crimes at all!

Living in areas under this creed, where everyone's time is taken up plotting attacks and defenses against other families, clans, and tribe's attacks, gets them distrust, economic stagnation, and savage barbarity (see all the so-called "islamic" countries) - countries full of criminal Takers,  living in dirt and ruins, where all the Makers were driven extinct!


Beyond that, the plot is insane: the Templars (the movie's bad guys) have always wanted to take over the world and control everybody (yeah, because they weren't in reality a reaction opposing islam's own clearly-stated global conquest and freedom-of-thought-supressing goals, but hey, it's a video game, right?) so they want to eliminate whatever instinct to violence exists in man, taking him over and "forcing" and enslaving him against his will, to be violent. So okay, the setting has the Assassins (yes, descendants of the very same islamic Ismaeli Alamut Hashishim of olde, sans the Aga Khan) creed (or secret society or old boys' and girls' club, not just a declaration of anti-moral principles) formed from these humans who are allegedly helplessly enslaved by violence (so far, so islamic)

Sura 4:77: Those who whined "Hold back your hands (from attacking)" were corrected:
"War is compulsory for us - the good and bad both come from allah!"

BUT then, the Templar's evil plan revolves around REMOVING FREE WILL - a concept which the allegedly islamic Assassin's Creed members unanimously oppose!

So, to reiterate: They are allegedly forced to be violent genetic killers by nature, but removing their free will itself is the solution which they all fear will negate their violent tendencies?!

Even worse, the alleged success of the 'evil' Templars' plan involved them using an ancient artifact known as the Apple of Eden (Yes, THAT apple!) which allegedly holds the genetic key to free will.

So human free will can allegedly be turned on and off, in everyone, by this mechanical device.

And the Assassins (and Spain's last islamic Sultan, Muhammad) are the magic bauble's guardians.

But wait! Islam doesn't not only not believe in free will, it also doesn't believe in Original Sin!

The whole Biblical "Garden of Eden" story was re-written by Muhammad in his Qur'an, to remove the whole alleged reason for mans' expulsion from the Garden - no snake, no apple, no Sin at all! And further, it makes Cain the hero of Genesis, and Abel the villain (but I digress again LOL)!

So in conclusion, the movie is (and, one must presume, the videogames them selves are) total criminal nonsense.
Even worse, they're still totally EVIL criminal nonsense which is aimed at gullible and impressionable young minds.

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