Thursday, March 23, 2017

SJWs and HRCs

SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) & HRCs (Human Rights Commissions; not Hillary Rodham Clintons)

"Social" justice really only ever means group or gang rights trumping all real live citizen individuals' equal human rights.

It's also known as group-might-makes-right gangster "extortion," "communism" and, ultimately, "slavery."

Fitting perfectly in with their "SINCE you could discriminate, SO you WILL discriminate, so WE HAVE TO discriminate against YOU, first!" "pre-emptively defensively," slanderously paranoid attitudes, SJW criminals pretend to justify always attacking first. Perpetual victimhood implies a permanent oppressor, against whom ends always justify means!

They pretend to prevent racial and emotional stereotyping by writing bills which emotionally and racially stereotype.

They go for the largest local group class(ifications) aka "privileged white males," whose only real natural privilege is being inherently smarter than others - a condition no legislation can alter, except by forcing them through guilt to breed down to the lower common denominators, which, ironically, are already on exact par (blacks) or in the absolute majority (Dravidians, Asians) worldwide. So they are, in fact, working on behalf of the global majorities to suppress and oppress a global minority, all in the name of preventing oppressive discrimination by promoting racial minorities.

And when called out on their claims' lack of logic and factual evidence, they pretend that "Life is too complex for anyone to ever really be able to understand cause-and-effect," (thus also implicitly proudly claiming to be non-compus-mentis) "so, since all 'facts' are really only opinions anyway, my entirely fact-free, subjective opinion (i.e: that your stuff is really my stuff) is the diversely opposite equal to your silly objective "facts!" Whee!"

That's always the backwards, slanderously victim-blaming 'justification' their for perpetual extortion attempts (aka: slavery) - "Since you were going to enslave me first, I had to try to enslave you! And it's not an evil crime because we (i.e: you) all do it, too!" (Attack first, and, when caught, double-down and attack again, by blaming your victims by slanderously claiming they made you do it! That defines "Sin")!

Leftopathy is a self-inflicted habit. They don't want to be cured, because extortion (accusing others) is easier than working!


HRCs are SJW snake-pits - all about dividing us into 'diverse' group-might-made-rights gangs, totally opposed to equal HUMAN rights!

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