Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Return of SLAVERY

(Actually, it never really left)!


Socialism is slavery.
Fascism is slavery.
Islam is slavery.

Hypocrisy - the double-standards of do as I say, not as I do - is what all criminals, whether libertine "liberal" ones, or holy-mobster "muslims" are all about!

All criminals want to "progress" to having ever-more rights, and ever-less responsibilities all the time. They want a right to your stuff, without any responsibility to have to earn or otherwise pay for it.

And the best way for criminals to disarm their victims is to convince them that there are no real crimes nor criminals, but only helpless victims all the time.

Thus the only crime, they pretend, would be to accuse "another" helpless victim of being a "criminal," simply because they tried to commit a "crime" against you!

Perpetual victimology is perpetual slander, because it implies a permanent oppressor.

That way they can cast them selves as victims, and their victims as criminals.

Victimology is thus no more or less than perpetual extortion, aka SLAVERY.

By forcing their victims to produce without remuneration, criminals are slavers.

All criminals at least temporarily enslave their victims. Robbery forces others to work for crooks for free.

Delinquent criminally negligent libertine "liberal" criminals are takers who enslave makers by not working.

Slavery is simply permanent extortion. Banks enslave debtors with the idea that they are owed labor for loans.

Like all criminals, leftists are defeatist masochists at heart, having no faith in being able to trust even them selves, and so in stead choosing to slander everyone else as being equally untrustworthy.

Like Muhammad, their defeatism leads to self-fulfilling prophecies, where they attack everyone else, first, then blame their victims for having "made" them attack. Their alibis to excuse their criminal choices are that there is no free will and there were no choices to be made; they pretend to be victims at the mercy of inevitable, "predetermined/predestined" force: victims of society/mere products of their environments, and of course proud slaves of "allah."

(n.) the impossibility of comprehending the universe; the belief that human knowledge can never have true certainty.
... aka: The criminal's favorite alibi: "Life is too complex so my opinion that your stuff is really mine, is a FACT!"

Masochists pretend to “control” their fears (in stead of trying to learn to recognize and fix mistakes and solve problems by paying attention to their fears) BY causing the same, worst-case scenario, pain-causing problems they fear the most.

When perceiving a threat, delinquent libertine criminals feel the best solution is to become part of the problem!

(Hence libertine "liberalism," where they pretend that it’s noble to pretend that fear doesn’t exist, and so always want to “progress” to “freedom” from the fearful pain of self-restraint).

In this way, they hope to avoid the fear of pain, by pre-emptively inflicting that pain on themselves (thus cancelling the auxiliary pain caused by the fear)! See?

But while not ALL criminal negligence is masochism, all masochism IS criminal negligence.

And of course, such criminals are also always all about the subjective double-standards:

What they advocate for in public may be only an attempt to sway everyone ELSE to SUBMIT!

Meanwhile, they think to them selves: "You're all fools, and I'm better than you!" Hypocrisy is the hallmark of ALL criminals and also accounts for 100% of "mental illnesses!" Paranoia IS slander:

'LIBERAL' MOTIVATION: "You're all out to get me so I'm gonna 'have to' get you first!"

Being selfish, they embrace hypocritical double standards, wanting rights without responsibilities, to never be offended by having their feelings hurt by the painful truth of being accused of their crimes.

Why do criminal gangsters from one gang always defend the criminal "rights" (to remain irresponsibly wrong) of any other, much less all other, criminal gang enterprises, too?

Why do they accept other criminals 'right' to attack them, first, when they are otherwise hypocrites, all about the subjective double-standards where only they have rights, and all others only ever have responsibilities - to them?!

Why to they all "GO ALONG" (with criminal lies) "TO GET ALONG" (with all the other lying criminals)?

Here's both how and why:

It's because their own inherent intrinsic and instinctive primary individual crime-excusing alibi is the slanderous and victim-blaming Argumentum Tu Quoque - that "WE (i.e: you) ALL DO IT, TOO!"

If and when they choose to stand for nothing, (no cause/effect) they choose to fall for anything.

It's why the current, treasonous gangster "socialist" allegedly Christian pope always defends islam.

All criminals ultimately pretend there are no facts (proudly and falsely 'confessing' they are non-compus mentis) and all their 'crimes' are only mistakes, because we're all only helpless victims!

As slavers, they expect others to have only responsibilities to them – to embrace suicidal masochism as their highest virtue, endorsing 'Collectivism' is hypocrisy, extorted by others' might-makes-right gangsterism into the Stockholm Syndrome, where one endorses "GOING ALONG" (with criminal lies) "TO GET ALONG" (with lying criminals).

There is no herd instinct in humans; no groupthink penchant either. In thinking about their futures, all rational individuals make individual judgments. If and when joining a group or gang of other individuals is seen to be more beneficial at a certain given time than another, people will chose it.

People really only permanently join ever-larger gangs to increase their 'rightful' ability to use force to extort other people, and to dilute their personal responsibility.

All criminals want to enslave their victims.

As subjectivists, all about the double-standards, only they are to be allowed to be considered innocent until (NEVER!) proven guilty, while everyone else is to be considered guilty until (NEVER!) proven innocent. As such, others have to prove the criminally negligent hypocrite is guilty, while also having to prove a negative; i.e:

"Prove you DIDN'T hurt my (wholly subjective, unprovable, opinionated) feelings, you hateful racist bigots!"

Then they try to get this enshrined into "laws" where only the criminals have rights, while only all the innocent law-abiding civilized victims have responsibilities - to obey the criminals!

(And it seems to be working - as we see here).

Group (gangster) rights give individuals extra rights to extort others and to dilute responsibility.

Corporations do this, with their "buy low/sell high" bulk-buying economies-of-scale imperatives.

Political parties do this, despite the fact it's illegal to conspire to influence legislators' votes.
(There is a right to free association, but it ends at the office where one is paid to do a job).

Street thugs and every kind of organized criminals do this - and even the unorganized ones claim membership in some sort of pre-existing "minority" victimhood groups.

Excuses aren't reasons:they're LIES, and lies (attempted theft of the truth, i.e: "fraud") are crimes.

"Slavery is good (for you, not me)! Just Submit and get it over with, like everyone else, and you can join (and then help merge) the right gangs, meet all the right people, and work your way up from the inside to being chief slaver!"

When caught at their "Enslave Or Be Enslaved" plots, it's: "Be a sport! Gimme a pass! We're all only victims, right?"

In that way alone, (by posing as a "victim") the Devil pretends he doesn't exist.

Any questions?


Bottom line: there is an easy solution to this, a way to cure leftopathic libtardation, but it might involve a cult-deprogramming session to get them to choose hope over fear. See, what they really fear, is being 'enslaved' to and by responsibility, and so they in stead enslave them selves to avoiding it - to habitual irresponsibility, to the false right to remain irresponsibly wrong. And this is because they haven't thought through, or been taught, the basic Golden Rule of Law which most simply defines morality as "Do Not Attack First" - where our only real right is to not be attacked first by others, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (thereby innocent) others, first. How easy to understand, remember and endorse is that? As opposed to their constant convoluted agitations to avoid what they perceive to be an enslaving altruistic obligation to help other victims all the time!

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